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IPCom is an intellectual property (IP) licensing company, offering a full range of services that enable technology companies to comply with FRAND obligations, assert patent rights and conclude patents license agreements. Our expertise lies in mobile and telecommunications, with extensive, in-depth knowledge of both wireless technologies and the issues regarding patent development and IP litigation. 

We have vast experience managing litigation and patent cases, and have played a key role in the development and licensing of new patents. We have negotiated and closed a number of significant license contracts and settlement agreements with high-profile, global companies in the mobile and telecoms space.

Founded over 15 years ago, our team has amassed decades of combined knowledge of the IP and patent landscape. Today, we are leveraging this experience to deliver IP Consultancy Services, providing the necessary resources, education and advice to companies in the mobile and telecoms sector. From assessing viability and enforceability of patents, to documentation and IP assertion; we offer a full range of technical and litigation support.

We work closely with inventors, providing them with the counsel they need to develop and nurture new ideas, concepts and inventions that will transform the technology landscape. We enable device manufacturers, network operators and network equipment manufacturers to realize, safeguard, and monetize creative ideas. 

IPCom is levelling the playing field, offering IP services and licenses on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, empowering companies to convert ideas into inventions. 

In addition to our extensive portfolio of IP Consulting Services, we have in-house Research and Development (R&D) capabilities, led by a team of professional inventors. These capabilities allow us to remain at the forefront of innovation and standardization within mobile and telecoms, and offer our services and expertise to protect the patent portfolios of clients and partners. 

IPCom is committed to standardization within the mobile and telecommunications industry. Through our R&D capabilities, we are active contributors to the OMA, ETSI, OMTP, Bluetooth SIG, and TCG, to support the development of the next generation of communications technology.

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