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 Pio Suh 

Geschäftsführer/Managing Director, IPCom

An attorney and member of the German Bar since 2006, Pio has over a decade of legal experience specialising in intellectual property rights and communication technologies. He has worked in-house for a number of multinational Fortune 500 companies – including Qualcomm, Oracle and Philips – to implement patent enforcement strategies on a global scale.


With a keen insight into technology patent legislation and licensing, Pio has worked to ensure that licensing and enforcement activities are compliant with European anti-competition and anti-trust laws. Multilingual and with a global outlook, Pio knows IP inside out. A strong negotiator and diplomat, he has extensive experience of negotiating, drafting and closing significant license contracts and settlement agreements.


He started with Philips in 2007, and has since expanded the business after identifying demand from companies for accessible IP advisory services and practical support for patent management.


Since July 2018 he was assigned as the new designated Managing Director.


Effective per July 31, 2020 he has been officially appointed as the Geschäftsführer of IPCom.

 Bernhard Frohwitter 

Co-founder and Business Advisor, IPCom

Bernhard has four decades of experience in the legal sector, including at the helm of Frohwitter Intellectual Property Counselors, the law firm he founded in 1998. 

Bernhard began his intellectual property career in 1974 in the patent department of German aerospace company MBB Messerschmidt, where he was responsible for electronics-related inventions. Early 1980, he became a senior and founding partner of the Munich law firm Bardehle, Pagenberg, Dost, Altenburg, Frohwitter. His areas of specialism include patent infringement and nullification litigation, European patent opposition and practice, international patent strategy, IP counselling, licensing, and high technology patent practice.

Over the past 30 years he has had a particular focus on mobile communications infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, chemical, bio-technology and IT, particularly in the United States. Bernhard is also founder, owner and CEO of ParTec GmbH, a developer of Middleware Software, the operating system of Cluster Computer HPC Systems. His company, together with FZJ Jülich and Intel, created the world's first Modular Supercomputer in 2017, and is currently engaged in constructing the European Exascale Computer.

 Christoph A. Schoeller 

Co-founder and Business Advisor, IPCom

Christoph founded IPCom in 2007 with Bernhard Frohwitter. A great solution provider with a strong business acumen, Christoph oversees the commercial operations of IPCom.

He began his career in international sales and licensing at Schoeller Group, which had been in his family for six generations. In 1984, Christoph and his brother took the helm, and today Schoeller Group, with more than 6,000 staff and combined revenues in excess of €1 billion, operates worldwide under four separate family owned holding companies. These include entities specializing in packaging solutions, supply chain systems and intellectual property services, with a special focus on sustainability.

A member of the supervisory boards of numerous private and public companies, Christoph has initiated and led the creation of joint investments into software, communication technologies and real estate. 

He holds a degree in Engineering and Business of Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich.

 Martin Hans 

Head of Research and Standardization / Development, IPCom

Martin leads IPCom’s R&D team of telecommunications engineers, developing the technologies and standards which are driving innovation in communications technology. A graduate of Germany’s most recognized technical university, RWTH Aachen, Martin has over 20 years of experience leading standardization groups for some of the world’s most renowned telecoms and technology companies.


A prolific inventor, Martin has developed 400 patent families, including 40 Standard Essential Patents in GSM, UMTS and LTE communications standards. He contributed to the standardization of LTE architecture and protocols at 3GPP, and more recently the development of 3GPP’s 5G System Architecture, laying the groundwork for the commercial roll-out of the next generation wireless communications infrastructure. 


Martin has led standardization efforts at Bosch, Siemens, Infineon and Intel, where he also managed the company’s patent portfolio. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of the industry – and practical experience of developing and monetizing inventions – Martin currently specializes in innovation, prosecution, infringement detection and licensing support, while playing an active role in the 5G standardization community.



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