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IPCom GmbH & Co. KG | We are a licensing and R&D company. | Management Team


 Who we are 


IPCom GmbH & Co. KG | We are a licensing and R&D company. | Management Team » Pio Suh,Geschäftsführer/Managing Director

 Pio Suh 

Geschäftsführer/Managing Director, IPCom

An attorney and member of the German Bar since 2006, Pio has over a decade of legal experience specialising in intellectual property rights and communication technologies. He has worked in-house for a number of multinational Fortune 500 companies – including Qualcomm, Oracle and Philips – to implement patent enforcement strategies on a global scale.


With a keen insight into technology patent legislation and licensing, Pio has worked to ensure that licensing and enforcement activities are compliant with European anti-competition and anti-trust laws. Multilingual and with a global outlook, Pio knows IP inside out. A strong negotiator and diplomat, he has extensive experience of negotiating, drafting and closing significant license contracts and settlement agreements.


He started with Philips Intellectual Property & Standards (IP&S) in 2007, and has since expanded the business after identifying demand from companies for accessible IP advisory services and practical support for patent management.


Since July 2018 he was assigned as the new designated Managing Director.


Effective per July 31, 2020 he has been officially appointed as the Geschäftsführer of IPCom.

IPCom GmbH & Co. KG | We are a licensing and R&D company. | Management Team » Dr. Edward Tomlinson, Head of Global IP and Litigation

  Dr. Edward Tomlinson

Head of Global IP and Litigation, IPCom

Edward is British as well as European Patent Attorney and has three decades of experience and a long-standing reputation in intellectual property matters including licensing, litigation, and patent drafting both as in-house counsel and in private practice. 


Before joining IPCom, Edward worked at the Frohwitter law firm, where he spent more than twenty years advising clients on licensing matters and litigating patents on a world-wide basis. As a former member of the Frohwitter litigation team, Edward has been overseeing IPCom cases globally. Thus, he has gained profound expertise and knowledge regarding litigating, as well as defending IPCom´s patent portfolio.

Ed is heading IPCom´s legal and litigation team. With his patent litigation expertise and experience gained in numerous infringement and nullity cases in different jurisdictions he will be overseeing IPCom´s patent litigation cases across the globe.

Ed is also heading IPCom´s IP department that interfaces with IPCom´s Research and Standartisation team. He and his IP team consisting of highly qualified patent attorneys and patent paralegals will closely work with IPCom´s inventors and engineers ensuring that inventions and innovations in the field of wireless telecommunications will be properly patented.

IPCom GmbH & Co. KG | We are a licensing and R&D company. | Management Team » Martin Hans, Head of Research and Standardization / Development

 Martin Hans 

Head of Research and Standardization / Development, IPCom

Martin leads IPCom’s R&D team of telecommunications engineers, developing the technologies and standards which are driving innovation in communications technology. A graduate of Germany’s most recognized technical university, RWTH Aachen, Martin has over 20 years of experience leading standardization groups for some of the world’s most renowned telecoms and technology companies.


A prolific inventor, Martin has developed 400 patent families, including 40 Standard Essential Patents in GSM, UMTS and LTE communications standards. He contributed to the standardization of LTE architecture and protocols at 3GPP, and more recently the development of 3GPP’s 5G System Architecture, laying the groundwork for the commercial roll-out of the next generation wireless communications infrastructure. 


Martin has led standardization efforts at Bosch, Siemens, Infineon and Intel, where he also managed the company’s patent portfolio. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of the industry – and practical experience of developing and monetizing inventions – Martin currently specializes in innovation, prosecution, infringement detection and licensing support, while playing an active role in the 5G standardization community.

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