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Our social resonsibility

Here at IPCom we look beyond just our business and believe that company’s social responsibility is the core of not only a successful business, but also of a thriving community. To bring a positive change we must start with the most valuable asset of our company – our people. In our small but very diverse team we value each member and invest in their development and professional growth. We ensure an inclusive work environment where every employee can thrive and develop not only professionally but also personally.

At the same time, we appreciate what we have and are conscious of other people. We want give, share and participate and we do that with one small project at a time. Some might say that litigation and laughter just do not fit. But here at IPCom we like having a good time, and love bringing laughter to others – especially those who need it the most. We became Premium partners with  KlinikClowns e.V., organization that brings laughter to children’s hospitals, nursing homes, and palliative care and therapy centers. We have also partnered with an inclusivity project Kunst-Werk-Küche, organization that helps people with disabilities become more independent and confident.

Becoming a socially responsible company doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a continuous process of understanding and adapting to our societal and environmental needs, to which IPCom’s team is determined to commit.

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