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 Patent Licensing 


Fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND). These are the terms which all parties should adhere to when it comes to licensing Standard Essential Patents – those innovations which spur development and assure quality in the technology industry. 

We stated our commitment to FRAND almost a decade ago, and since this time have collaborated with industry standards bodies and third parties, making clear our intention to license our patent portfolio in adherence with these principles.

We believe that open, flexible, and transparent negotiation is the only way to protect the people behind the ideas. FRAND is a responsibility, and one which should be shared by everyone in the industry in order to level the playing, to remove barriers to progress, and to hasten innovation in the communication technologies market.

We live in a global society, buoyed by a global marketplace. International trade, logistics, manufacturing and production lines necessitate a global approach to doing business. Our patent portfolio includes a number of Standard Essential Patents relating to internationally recognised standards in communications technology, and we therefore offer licensing programs on a worldwide basis – underpinned by FRAND. 

Power needn’t remain only in the hands of the dominant industry players. IPCom has long championed a FRAND approach to IP rights and management, and is now working to level the playing field and shine a light on unfair, anti-competitive practices.

 Patent Licensing 


The rate of change in mobile technology is so rapid that the protection of IP is now essential to ensure continued innovation and excellence across the industry. Patents and antitrust agreements ensure that inventors are free to develop the propositions of tomorrow by building on the technology of today, without fear of infringement or non-compliance. 

IPCom is committed to levelling the playing field by empowering the companies and individuals behind the ideas. We play an active role in key industry standards bodies, and hold over 30 Standard Essential Patents. We’re also committed to fair competition, and work closely with third parties to guarantee access to patent licenses on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

We develop licensing programs that give companies the confidence to generate new concepts and ideas, based on new and existing patents, and licensing agreements. However, in the event of patent infringement or the failure to comply with standards, we know what is required to enable companies to quickly, easily and responsibly file and manage patents. 

It’s no longer about size and might – we ensure that even the biggest names in the business are playing by the rules. We work to redress the balance in the IP ecosystem, meaning patentees can benefit from their ideas, and those with the means to develop them can do so lawfully and transparently. 

Our team has a complete overview of the patent litigation landscape, due to vast experience in dealing with high-profile cases involving global brands and high court judgements. As a result, IPCom's approach and services have been built on the principles of FRAND.

However, the legal landscape is constantly changing, due to the pace and dynamic nature of the mobile and telecommunications industry. Standards and regulations are constantly being updated to meet with new technological developments and changing market conditions. We ensure our clients stay one step ahead of changes in the marketplace; IPCom is always at the heart of industry developments through our membership of industry bodies, our attendance at industry events and our contribution to new standards.

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