Patent Licensing 


IPCom itself has a significant patent portfolio that covers all aspects of mobile network and device technology, including core and RAN, mobile messaging, applications and services. These patents and standards extend beyond mobile network infrastructure to include enhancements for IoT devices, smart wearables and applications for vertical use cases such as transport and manufacturing. 

For the last decade, our R&D department has presided over our global patent portfolio, which includes 35 patent families that are essential for the key mobile communications standards that support 2G (GMS), 2.5G (GPRS), 3G (UMTS) and LTE. Our portfolio of standard essential patents covers the full scope of mobile telecommunications, including user experience, multimedia messaging, packet data transmission and digital rights management.


Our comprehensive – and growing – portfolio of patents exists to protect ideas, and the people behind them. 


IPCom's current patent portfolio including non-standard essential patents encompasses over 200 patent families in the field of mobile communications, with more than 1,000 patents registered in Europe, the US and Asia, most of which have been granted.



IPCom is an IP management and patent licensing company supported by pioneering R&D capabilities. Committed to FRAND and with a global patent portfolio, we’re levelling the playing field and turning people into inventors.


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