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IPCom GmbH & Co. KG | We are a licensing and R&D company. | Research & Development


 Research and Development 


Research and development are core to IPCom’s philosophy and approach. R&D shapes the future course of the mobile and telecommunications industries, giving inventors the platform to create exciting new technologies that will transform the sector. 

IPCom’s R&D team is continuously looking at ways to develop and enhance mobile technologies. Led by IPCom’s head of Research and Standardization, Martin Hans, the team is made up of pioneering scientists and engineers, who are specialists in their fields. 

The team’s technical background is complemented by comprehensive knowledge of innovation methods that cover patenting, prosecution, infringement detection and proof of infringement. 

Standardization is a trigger point for our patent development, and our R&D function has had a significant impact on developments in the global telecoms industry. We play an active role in the mobile technology community, and collaborate with key standards bodies. Our contribution to standardization covers radio access technologies, network architecture, application layer/IP-based networks, and security.

 Research and Development 


Our goal is the steady evolution of communication technology for improving user experience, optimizing network performance, and reducing energy consumption for a broad variety of mobile use cases.

We play an active role in the 5G standards development community. In the past, we have contributed to the evolution of UMTS to LTE and further to LTE-A. In future, we will evolve 5G cellular technology to whatever comes next.

Our R&D team has a 20-year track-record in mobile communication standardization, having made key contributions to industry bodies including 3GPP, OMA, ETSI, OMTP, Bluetooth SIG, and TCG. We have experts in the area of physical layer, protocol stack and network architecture as well as security, messaging, and application support for both mobile devices and network infrastructure. This includes enhancements for new types of devices like IoT, wearables and aerial, rail and street vehicles as well as verticals like industrial manufacturing plants.

Further to this technical background, we have deep knowledge of innovation methods, prior-art research, patenting, prosecution, infringement detection and proof of infringement. The latter includes generation of claim charts that are tailored to potential licensees' business models.

Our R&D team strives for innovation. We welcome new technologies and new services, we seek to unlock opportunities arising from future technologies, and we help accelerate progression in the communications industry.

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