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 IP Consulting Services 


We firmly believe that great ideas drive innovation. And yet, while anyone can have a great idea, not everyone has the capacity, resources, or industry knowledge to take an idea from conception to realization, and implementation. Nor the insight and expertise required to address the intricacies of standardization and the legal framework surrounding IP protection. 

Through IPCom’s Consulting Services, we are able to transform ideas into successful inventions with real world application and a tangible market value. We work closely with inventors to safeguard their ideas and maximize the value of their innovation.

We offer a dynamic and flexible approach; whether you have the people but lack the time, the ideas but lack the know-how, or the patent portfolio but lack the investor contacts – we’ll always have the solutions.


Our team of professional licensing experts, industry specialists and inventors are on hand to provide companies with the consulting and practical support needed to develop, patent and monetize new technologies.

 IP Consulting Services 


IPCom delivers programs that span the entire patent process, from honing ideas and developing patent documentation, to coordinating legal counsel, and implementing IP and brand protection strategies.

Great ideas needn’t be costly. We have democratized the innovation process, ensuring our services are accessible and cost-effective for both well-established companies and those starting out in the mobile technology sector.

Our IP Consulting Services help companies to develop successful R&D programs and create business roadmaps.

We assist companies in the development of ideas and new innovations. We do this by taking our clients through a series of key processes that include:



A great invention is so much more than simply a good idea. An organization – be it a fledgling start-up or a major multinational – can have hundreds of ideas, but this doesn’t always mean they’ll have the insight, resources and experience required to sort the strong from the so-so. 


We work closely with inventors and investors to identify which of their existing ideas have the potential to be converted into patentable, lucrative inventions. With our dedicated R&D department, IPCom is ideally positioned to advise and educate clients on what makes a great invention and how this can be taken from concept to monetizable reality.

Thanks to our years of experience in IP licensing and litigation, we are also able to provide consultation on how best to prepare and file a patent application, including which elements of an invention can be patented now, as well as further down the line, ensuring that inventions are future-proof.


Developing and filing inventions can be a resource-heavy task, so its crucial to ensure that any initial groundwork will result in strong returns. We advise clients in the early stages of any project, and help to guarantee that investments will deliver long-term results.



Assessing inventions is an essential component of the patent process, and occurs prior to a patent application being made. Working in partnership with our clients, we assess the viability – and patentability – of new ideas and innovations. We are able to draw on our vast industry knowledge and experience to assess and analyze any idea or innovation, to determine its value.


We use a range of different methods to identify what is unique, what is original, and what will deliver ROI. Does it make sense to file a patent? Does the idea require expansion? Does the inventor need to broaden their scope of thinking?


Many large, multinational corporations will have whole teams dedicated to due diligence and auditing of ideas, taking into consideration the regulatory, financial, legal and administrative requirements for developing inventions. Most start-ups and SMEs, on the other hand, lack such tools, yet it is these groups which have a great deal to gain – or lose – from effective patent development.


We work with these parties to develop consulting programs and strategies that deliver optimal routes to creating and monetizing patents. 



Preparing the necessary documentation needed to transform an idea into an invention – including technical drawings and details – can be a time-consuming process for businesses. This is particularly problematic for start-ups and SMEs, which may lack the capital and personnel required to achieve this to the necessary standard. Failing to prepare documentation accurately can easily jeopardise a business’s ability to develop and assert patent rights – which is where our team comes in.


We are able to do this hard graft on behalf of our clients, documenting ideas into something that can be successfully delivered as a lucrative invention. Our R&D team are handpicked experts from the mobile and telecommunications sectors, with extensive experience in infringement detection and licensing, standardization, and engineering. We understand the nuances of the invention disclosure process, and can prepare as much or as little of the required documentation our clients need to launch and profit from their inventions.



What makes a strong patent portfolio? How can you evaluate its commercial value? Is it worth the investment, and does purchasing a certain patent portfolio align with your business objectives and roadmap?


Overseeing an extensive patent portfolio and with years of experience in assessing IP, we are well placed to assist clients in answering these key questions. We work with companies looking to purchase or license a patent portfolio, thoroughly examining its strengths, weaknesses, value, and strategic importance to the company in question. This will enable organizations – many of which may lack prior knowledge of the IP landscape – to make safe, future-proof investments.


We’re also able to assist those considering selling their patent portfolio, assessing its validity and value and helping to facilitate and streamline the selling process for all involved parties.



The assertion of IP is integral to the development and monetization of patents and ideas. IPCom is expertly placed to support and execute patent assertion strategies. Our history and experience in IP protection and litigation grants us unrivalled insight into the industry, and unparalleled connections with some of the sector’s most respected law firms. 


At its core, IP assertion is all about ensuring monetization of patents. We help to guide clients on the most cost-effective path to monetizing a patent portfolio and ensuring it’s a valuable asset to their business. We are able to connect companies with specialist legal professionals to ensure that they receive the correct guidance and consultation needed to shape their patent portfolio. This could involve collaborating with patent attorneys to ensure patents are filed in the correct country, and to avoid unnecessarily filing in a country which will not prove beneficial.

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