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IPCom GmbH & Co. KG | We are a licensing and R&D company. | CSR » Klinikclowns e.V. + Kunst-Werk-Küche e.V.


KlinikClowns e.V.

IPCom GmbH & Co. KG | We are a licensing and R&D company. | CSR » Klinikclowns e.V.

Laughter and litigation may not seem like a natural fit, but as a company that values fairness and ensuring advantages for all, IPCom is re-writing this rule. We have partnered with KlinikClowns e.V., a charity which organizes regular visits of professional clowns to children’s hospital wards, nursing homes, and palliative care and therapy centers. 


KlinikClowns e.V. was founded in 1998 and is the largest of such non-profit organization in Germany, with 60 clowns covering 95 facilities. So far, the clowns have accomplished over 30,000 visits to over 1.000,000 people, promoting health and wellbeing through laughter.


The work of the KlinikClowns e.V. is fully dependent on donations, corporate sponsorship, fundraising, and membership fees. Over the course of two decades, this support has allowed the clowns to extend their visits to a growing number of clinics and facilities. As such, the laughter and humor of the KlinikClowns has become a regular fixture in the daily lives of patients and their relatives across Bavaria, Germany.

What started as IPCom Managing Director Pio Suh’s personal fundraising activity and support of KlinikClowns e.V. has grown into fully fledged support for the non-profit organization. Pio’s leadership of IPCom has presented the perfect opportunity to further this charitable support, and increase visibility and awareness of the great work being done by KlinikClowns e.V.

IPCom is now a Premium Partner of KlinikClowns e.V., and in addition to providing financial support, members of our team will be accompanying the Clowns on a number of hospital visits in the coming months. So, watch this space!

We have a global remit but remain a German company – and one which believes strongly in the need to give back to local communities. This is more than simply a corporate obligation – it’s an enjoyable strand of IPCom's work, and is an important part of our company’s commitment to integrity, innovation, transparency, and corporate social responsibility. 

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