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IPCom and Lenovo Reach a Resolution in Patent Litigation

Paris, France - IPCom and Lenovo have announced today that they have reached a resolution in their patent litigations following the signing of a global portfolio license by Lenovo for the Bosch and Hitachi patents.

The Managing Director of IPCom, Pio Suh, said: "I want to thank the negotiation team of Lenovo for their cooperation in the last months that finally led to the overall resolution of the ongoing dispute."

Both parties are committed to the principle of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms in facilitating transparent and equitable licensing practices for standardized technologies to enable the proliferation of affordable innovation to customers around the world.

The resolution of the dispute marks a significant milestone for both companies, and demonstrates their commitment to protecting intellectual property rights while promoting innovation and competition.


IPCom is an IP management and patent licensing company supported by pioneering R&D capabilities. Committed to FRAND and with a global patent portfolio, we’re levelling the playing field and turning people into inventors.

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