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IPCom launches its new website

Aktualisiert: 7. Nov 2019

IPCom, an IP consulting company with an R&D team pioneering activities in the mobile and telecommunications sector, has today announced the launch of its new website and corporate identity.

The new website highlights IPCom’s multi-faceted approach to IP licensing, as well as promoting an industry-wide commitment to the principles of FRAND and fair competition, upon which the company was founded.

An active contributor to standardization bodies including ETSI and 3GPP, IPCom's R&D capabilities are now complemented by the expansion of its Consulting Services, which offers advice and practical support to companies looking to protect and monetize innovation.


IPCom is an IP management and patent licensing company supported by pioneering R&D capabilities. Committed to FRAND and with a global patent portfolio, we’re levelling the playing field and turning people into inventors.


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