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New appointment of Head of Global IP and Litigation

We are pleased to announce that as of January 1st, 2021 Edward Tomlinson has started in the position of Head of Global IP and Litigation at IPCom.

Edward is British as well as European Patent Attorney and has three decades of experience and a long-standing reputation in intellectual property matters including licensing, litigation, and patent drafting both as in-house counsel and in private practice.

“Having advised IPCom over the past 13 years as outside counsel, I am delighted to join them in-house to support their IP development and licensing program. Maximizing the value of the inventions developed by their engineers and also assets of partnering companies will be a challenging task in a world where technology users are all too often reluctant to pay their fair share.” says Edward.

Before joining our team, Edward worked at the Frohwitter law firm, where he spent more than twenty years advising clients on licensing matters and litigating patents on a world-wide basis. As a member of the Frohwitter litigation team, Edward has been overseeing IPCom cases globally. Thus, he has gained profound expertise and knowledge regarding litigating, as well as defending IPCom´s patent portfolio.

Pio Suh, Managing Director of IPCom, states:

“Ed will oversee and drive IPCom´s litigation cases globally. With his patent litigation expertise and experience gained in numerous infringement and nullity cases in different jurisdictions his support will be key to IPCom´s success in licensing and enforcing its patent portfolio. Plus, with the hire of Edward IPCom will bring its patent prosecution inhouse. He will closely work with our inventors and engineers ensuring that inventions and innovations in the field of wireless telecommunications will be properly patented.”

We warmly welcome Edward to the company and wish him the best of success in his role.


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